Thursday, 24 March 2011

Springtime and swifts!

Spring is finally here!!! I love it! Every time I walk anywhere there are new buds opening and flashes of lovely springtime colour. The magnolia tree is my favourite. I really miss the fantastic tree we used to be able to see from the living room of our old little flat, but still there definitely isn't a shortage of magnolias in Bristol, they seem to be everywhere.

This lovely spring weather has inspired me to show you a recent lino print I made for a christening present for a friends little one.

I will be printing it with more colour versions soon, so keep a look out.

Along a similar birdy theme, here is a picture I made for my lovely partner for Christmas. It's a hand cut image with mono-printed oil colours.

Monday, 21 March 2011


Here are a few pictures of some experimenting I've been doing making collograph prints.

I tried printing the next two by both the intaglio and relief method. They were a bit hit and miss, but I definitely think there is something to work on and making the collograph plate is great fun, feels a bit like playing rather than working and that's always a bonus!

It's really nice discovering how different surfaces and textures come out when printed. I particularly like the effect calico creates, it seems to print really well using both methods.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Enamel experiments

I was lucky enough a few months ago to have a dabble at enamelling. It was so much fun, completely different from anything I've done before. Here are a couple of test pieces I made to try out the different techniques.

These are made using a piece of copper which then has layers of liquid enamel applied to it and then it is fired between each layer. I love the way I was only using, black, white and clear enamel here, but you can achieve a lovely range of different tones and colours. The areas of linear detail are achived through a process of scraffito which is when you scratch into the dried liquid enamel before firing.

The dotted area down the side of this piece is created by using sifted enamel powder through a stencil. It was a bit tricky making sure I didn't knock off or disturb the powder on may way to the kiln!

All I need to do now is go back and try out some more. Watch this space.....

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Paper cutting

I developed a range of one off, hand cut, monoprinted images to brighten up the walls of my parents glass gallery in Penryn, Cornwall. They are available to buy from their online shop here.

Hello world!!

Welcome to my very first post on my brand new blog!!!! I've been meaning to get started for so long and now that I'm here I'm a little lost for words.

So lets have some pictures....

Experimenting with combining hard ground etching with aquatint.

Tentatively trying out a little bit of colour......