Thursday, 17 March 2011

Enamel experiments

I was lucky enough a few months ago to have a dabble at enamelling. It was so much fun, completely different from anything I've done before. Here are a couple of test pieces I made to try out the different techniques.

These are made using a piece of copper which then has layers of liquid enamel applied to it and then it is fired between each layer. I love the way I was only using, black, white and clear enamel here, but you can achieve a lovely range of different tones and colours. The areas of linear detail are achived through a process of scraffito which is when you scratch into the dried liquid enamel before firing.

The dotted area down the side of this piece is created by using sifted enamel powder through a stencil. It was a bit tricky making sure I didn't knock off or disturb the powder on may way to the kiln!

All I need to do now is go back and try out some more. Watch this space.....

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