Thursday, 24 March 2011

Springtime and swifts!

Spring is finally here!!! I love it! Every time I walk anywhere there are new buds opening and flashes of lovely springtime colour. The magnolia tree is my favourite. I really miss the fantastic tree we used to be able to see from the living room of our old little flat, but still there definitely isn't a shortage of magnolias in Bristol, they seem to be everywhere.

This lovely spring weather has inspired me to show you a recent lino print I made for a christening present for a friends little one.

I will be printing it with more colour versions soon, so keep a look out.

Along a similar birdy theme, here is a picture I made for my lovely partner for Christmas. It's a hand cut image with mono-printed oil colours.

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  1. An uplifting post with some lovely artwork to go with it! Nice to see you showing your stuff off.