Thursday, 7 July 2011

All the little details

I've been busily working away getting things ready for launching my on-line shop. After a day fabric printing yesterday, now it's time to crack out the sewing machine, but first I'm covering buttons with my offcuts to add that little some extra to my creations.

I'm really enjoying working out all the teeny details and looking forward to when they finally start to all come together.

Talking of details, I recently received my very own custom stamp through the post, now I'm busy stamping my logo on all the things I make. I'm really chuffed with it!


  1. what a brilliant idea to use the off cuts to make pretty buttons! I love the tags too very professional! Really looking forward to perusing the shop when it is launched :)

  2. Thanks Ben :o) I'm so very close to opening my little shop, it's only matter of days now!! xx

  3. I love the colours and patterns

  4. Thanks! There's plenty more where that came from... I need to get cracking and blog some more :o)