Tuesday, 31 July 2012

A surprise gift!

During my trip to Bristol last week I went to visit my lovely friend (and fellow blogger) Sarah. We had a good catch up and ate delicious spaghetti in the garden, making the most of the summer evening (until the insects decided it was time for us to return indoors). It was super nice to see her in her lovely home and I was particularly excited to meet her new cat Ellie, she's a real beauty as you can see.

To top it all off Sarah gave me my belated birthday present. This beautiful Scandinavian inspired hand stitched tea towel. Isn't it lovely!

It's so nice to get handmade presents, it really makes you feel special to get something someone has spent time and effort on just for you. Thank you Sarah! xx

Be sure to check out her brilliant and inspirational blog Hyggelig Hjem

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  1. Rosie you are a total sweetheart, thank you for being so lovely! It was wonderful to catch up with some Rosie time! xx