Monday, 13 August 2012

Allotment tales

My Parents took up an allotment earlier this year (well I say allotment, but it was really just a patch of field) and we joined in with helpful enthusiasm, putting up a rabbit proof fence, digging beds and excavating the many, many lumps of granite buried deep in the earth. I have wanted to grow things for a long time now, so I was very excited at the prospect of getting my hands dirty, planting seeds and watching them grow.......but then we had the rain, oh the rain!!! As plants emerged and then withered and rotted, our hearts sank and enthusiasm waned. Our fledgling allotment was struggling and with busy lives was left on the back burner, so I was pleased to see my mum return home from a trip the other day with a little harvest of courgettes and broad beans. Some success at last!!! Yesterday we went to see for ourselves and were pleasantly surprised.

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  1. Love the pics, hope it made you smile while you were there xx