Wednesday, 26 September 2012

A spot of colour

After a day an a half of (exhausting, I'm not used to hard work!!) glass-blowing I have now produced a fairly   substantial selection of wobbly spot glasses ready to flog in the gallery. Making these is such a great way to practice and improve my skills as they are quite tricky to get right, but they don't waste too much glass if they go really badly wrong (I only lost a couple!) I'm quite pleased, and reassured, that I haven't forgotten everything over the summer break! :o)

Next time I'm back in the studio I plan to make some bigger pieces ready for sandblasting so more to come soon.....



  1. They are fabulous - I love the little drop colours in the bottom.

    Nina x

  2. They're gorgeous, I love the colours. x

  3. These are brilliant, I love them. I like your Eden Project photos too.