Saturday, 22 September 2012

Toast, Walks & Wildflowers

A couple of months back I took a trip up to Plymouth to visit my brother. It was only a flying visit, so he took me on a mammoth walk to see some of the sights. I took some pictures with his camera which he sent to me ages ago and I have only just remembered about them. 

First we walked to Royal William Yard for breakfast at The Bakery. This consisted of an unlimited supply yummy homemade toast with homemade jam and peanut butter......delicious; I can still taste it now.

From there we continued our walk (very much needed after the unnatural quantities of toast consumed!) I can't remember the name of where we walked to, but we could look back over where we had just been and there was a lovely hillside covered in wildflowers.

We then embarked on the long walk home and stumbled across one of the loveliest sites I've seen in while. In the centre of Plymouth, in the middle of a busy roundabout, was a little haven of colour and beauty........a wildflower garden. It was perfect, everything was in full bloom and the colours were so vibrant and cheerful I felt truly heart warmed that such a lovely thing could exist amidst such a built up, exhaust choked part of the city. We need more of this kind of thing to bring a bit of cheer to people's lives, it certainly worked for me!

Have a happy weekend!



  1. Sounds like a great day. I love your photographs of the wild garden, all those gorgeous colours together - so pretty. :)