Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Oh Mr blue sky...where did you go?

I'm feeling a bit glum with all this dreary weather we've been having so thought a picture reminding me of a lovely sunny day was in order. This was taken just the other week when we went on a glorious wander along the coast path from Kynance Cove, it felt like we were soaking up the very last bit of summer and even managed to fit in a little dip in the sea (without wetsuits!) was a lovely day :o)

Well now that I've shared my own little bit of sunshine I'm off to get nice and toasty and make some little gems in front of the furnace. I had quite a good day at it yesterday, so fingers crossed I can keep it up today.....wish me luck!



  1. I know exactly how you feel - my eyes keep going all squinty with all the grey. Thank goodness the sun has got her hat on today, but it's got mighty chilly.

    Nina x

  2. Oh lucky you, it's still grey and miserable where I am. I would definitely opt for cold and sunny any day, fingers crossed we'll get there eventually :o)