Tuesday, 15 January 2013

This and that

Whilst I eagerly await the furnace going back on next week I have been trying to get on with lots of little tasks here and there before I have a stint working full time in the glass making studio. It's been difficult to keep myself focused on one task at a time as I tend to easily drift and get distracted but I'm slowly but surely getting there.

One of the tasks has been to do a spot of updating and redesigning of my Illustration website and Etsy shop. The latter of which I have decided to streamline and use only for selling prints, cards and hand cut pictures as I feel it's now time to completely move away from the textile work and focus on other things. It was starting to feel as though I was stretching myself a bit too thin, with two many identities and I think the illustration & glass work are definitely enough to getting on with.

2013 has been a bit of a slow starter for me so far, but I'm beginning to get into the swing of things and I'm excited about the possibilities of the year ahead.

Here are some nice sights I've seen so far......

Have a good week

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